Business Clients

Public procurement law

Our Office offers services to the awarding entities as well as economic operators in public procurement process. The offer includes preparation, assessment as well as supervision of tender documentation and representing the client in front of National Board of Appeals and district courts in cases resulting from appeals and complaints. Providing services to economic operator, our Office offers consultancy in contract notice preparation, specification of essential terms of the contract and replies to the requests of the economic operators to explain the content of the specification of essential terms of the contract. We also provide legal assistance concerning estimating and tender analysis, the choice of the most attractive tender, exclusion from the contract procedure and rejection of the contracts. Our Office prepares content of replies to the appeals and drawing up replies to complaints. We also offer support to the economic operators in preparation of tenders, requests to the content of the specification of essential terms of the contract and legal remedies. Additionally, we provide support in verification of measures of awarding entity which were undertaken during the procurement procedure.

Individual clients

Civil law

Our Law Office provides legal advice, prepare legal opinions and analysis relating to all aspects of civil law, particularly in relation to the management of personal marital and family wealth. We provide legal services related to wealth and succession planning, participates and represents clients in negotiations. Our office also offers assist in all matters relating to consumer’s rights.

Labour law

The range of services offered by the Office includes comprehensive legal advice to persons employed under an employment relationship. In the field of labour law, our activity is focused on providing support in all labour disputes and representing workers in front of the employment courts.